Friday, September 9, 2011

Friendship - When Someone Forces You to Save $2


For those of you who don't know me very well, this post may be a bit enlightening.

It all started with a book club I'm in along with some girls at church.  This month we read The Help.  Well, as it turns out, some friends were going to see it Saturday night.  So, I went, too.  I rode with Ellen. (This is important in a moment.)

(Note - Thanks to Jon, Andrew, and George for babysitting while their wives and I went to the movie WITHOUT the baby.  And thanks to the baby for sleeping most of the night.  Phew!)

Anyway, I had two coupons for $2 off at the particular theater.  I didn't mention this ahead of time to the two girls Ellen and I were meeting up with.  The coupons could be used twice, thus making it possible for all 4 of us to save $2 each.  Woohoo!

Well, when we arrived, the other two already had their tickets.  I told them I was going to explain my lack of communication and ask nicely for a refund.  Ellen was positive they would say no.  I'm pretty sure the other two didn't think I was actually serious and/or agreed with Ellen.  So, when my turn in line came, I went to the window and asked Stephanie (the nice girl behind the plexiglass) if we could get a refund for the other two.  She listened carefully to my explanation and then went to get her manager.

Brace yourself for a random turn of events.  Are you braced?  Really?  'Cause if not, it's not my fault.  I warned you.

Ok, so the manager came in, and lo and behold, he could have been Mr. Darcy's brother!!!
He wasn't exactly the smiling type, and he had kind of sad eyes like both Darcy's pictured below.

It was weird. 

Here's the thing...I may watch Pride and Prejudice at least once a month.  So you see?  I KNOW Mr. Darcy.  I get him.  I've studied watched the movie in English and Spanish.  Therefore, when he came in and asked me to explain what was going on, I saw his poor sad eyes, and I nearly told him not to worry, that it was all a misunderstanding and Elizabeth really did like him and it would all work out in the end.

Oh.  That's right.  P&P isn't real. This guy isn't Mr. Darcy.  He's a manager at a movie theater, and I'm asking him to jump some annoying hoops.  *Sigh.  Oh well. 

By this point, Ellen has bought her ticket with the coupon at a different counter, so I had to explain to the manager that the other coupon is two windows down at Tracy's window, because Ellen didn't come to Stephanie's window, but she really was with us, and she really did want to share her coupon, she just thought it wouldn't work.

He didn't say a word.  He looked at me.  He looked at my three poor friends.  He looked at the coupons. 

Then, he asked if they'd paid with credit cards.  They had.  He took their credit cards and began to REFUND the tickets so they could RE-BUY the tickets. 

Dang it!  At this point, it was 7:09, and the movie was beginning at 7:10.  The plan had been for them to get cash back or a credit on their card, but not a full refund and re-buy.  We sent Ellen in to save seats, and my poor patient friends reassured me that they really were glad to save $2, and that they didn't want to see ANY previews anyway, and that they were thankful.  They also told me that he didn't look very much like Mr. Darcy, but they were lying about that, too.  (Seriously...I promise they would rather have lost out on $2 each than go through the silent-sad-eyed Darcy-bro-refund thing.)

Anyway, when all was said and done, all 4 of us saved $2 on our tickets, and we made it to the movie before it began. 

As a side note, there were three women in the row behind it who could have been characters from the book.  Their running commentary was priceless.

So were the movie tickets.  In a "price---less $2" sort of way.

I'm just thankful I still have friends.

Btw...Tracy may not have been the other window clerk's name.  I was at Stephanie's window.  Tracy's name was entirely made-up by myself.


  1. Um, since when do you watch P&P, ever? I'm sad we never got to watch it together. Also, I'm glad you're still you - because I can totally see myself standing next to you during this whole situation. Except for I would have been happy to save $2 ;)

  2. I can't believe you didn't post a picture of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy! He's my favorite of all times!! And now I must go watch the 6 hour A&E presentation.... :)