Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tonight, a cockroach scurried from beneath my fridge to under my foot.  

The following is a TRUE story:

1.  I felt a tickle.
2.  I looked down.
3.  I saw Sr. Cucaracha.
4.  I screamed.
5.  I ran through the dining room, dropping my glass of ice on the way.*
6.  I headed straight to the bathroom.
7.  I scrubbed my foot intensely. 
8.  I had weird shivers down my spine for the remainder of the night.
9.  I also had a pleasant memory of a slight tickle on my foot - followed again by the shiver as I remembered WHAT had tickled me.  Ugh!

Overkill?  Maybe.  But I bet YOU would do the same thing if a cockroach tickled YOUR foot, so there.

*The glass of ice didn't break.  I was certain to be sure it landed on the carpet despite my haste.  Amazing. I know.

P.S.  Matt killed the little bugger for me.  It's over.  For now.  Till his friends and cousins come looking for him.  *Sigh

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Friendship is...

1.  Backing out of the parking space at McDonald's and feeling a sickening feeling in your stomach as you realize you've just rear-ended someone else with your rear-end...  

...Then looking up to realize you're both friends, no damage was done, and everyone can finally let out that big breath they were holding in...phew!  Btw...Emily was fine.  Her car seat works beautifully.  She simply let out an ignorant squawk and went back to sleep.

2.  Helping friends celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, whether fishing, free babysitting, or dinner out together, or disc golfing tips.

3.  When someone leaves a Dr. Pepper shirt on your front door step because you're mildly obsessed, and she knows it.

4.  When your Poweraid-drinking friend gives you all of her Coke points so you can get cool free stuff.

5.  When you have over a friend for dinner because their spouse is gone for the weekend.

6.  When your friends bring snacks without being asked and help you clean up before they leave.

7.  When you can get together with another couple for games and all be on your worst behavior (and acting out of your grumpiest moods) and yet love each other enough to let it blow over by Sunday. 

8.  When even after you move away, your friends still stalk your facebook wall a little too often and send random notes and cards and such to remind you you're not forgotten.

9.  Having someone pick food up for you on the way to a party you're hosting because you're a loser at remembering to get ALL of the necessary ingredients.

10.  Praying for someone consistently because you love them.

11.  Not seeing each other for months or even years and picking right up where you left off without missing a beat.

12.  Getting your friends into theme-parks (ok...we could be friends without it, but you know who you are, my moochable friends!).

13.  Looking out for job openings and opportunities as well as sharing helpful tips for those going the "creative route" in employment.

14.  Hand-me-down baby clothes (and other stuff your kids have outgrown).

15.  Game nights!!!!!  (Actually, ours are usually "game-all-days-and-nights")

16.  When your friends invite you to dinner and have created the whole meal to work with your dietary needs and wants.

17.  When your friends help you move and still love you.  (We have a TON of books y'all.)

18.  When your friends are "brutally honest" and sharpen you for the better.

19.  When your friend calls to tell you to look at the sky because it's blue with gorgeous clouds, and she knows you can see it from where you should be right then, too.

20.  When your friends send random anonymous Marmaduke comics to your house just because it's funny to watch your husband's response.  (Long story.)

Sharing life together - the good times, the bad times, the boring times, the random times, and all of the in-between ones.  This is friendship, and I'm thankful to say, we've got some of the best friends ever. 

Thank you friends, near and far, for being you. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shifting Perspectives

Four years ago, I got new eyeballs thanks to lasik!

The doctor warned me that with my strong astigmatism, there was only a 95% chance of total correction, and either way, I would one day need glasses again.  I took my chances and went with lasik.  Best decision ever!!!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I've noticed I have a little bit of night vision trouble, so I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses.  My intention was to use them at night, when I drive, and to make a fashion statement when necessary (glasses are "in" right now, after all).

Anxiously awaiting my new cute accessory, I finally received the call of the week.  My glasses had arrived!  Hurrying to the store, I picked up my new addition (the one that would make several outfits look much better), and I quickly put them on.

Emily and I (and my new glasses)

It was at that moment I discovered I've been experiencing a sort of VHS vision in a Blu-Ray world.  The picture below is the best way I can explain the difference.  The cute li'l fella on the left is perfectly fine---until you see his buddy on the right. 

Speaking of shifting perspectives, every day, I have a pretty good spiritual outlook on life (I think).  At least "left penguin".  Unfortunately, I often rely on my natural perspective in my life and interactions without opening my Bible to see what God's perspective might be or to allow Him to shape my own.  Then, finally, eventually, I'll spend some serious time with God.  The result of such a small effort on my part, is that my vision will shift, for a time, into "right penguin".  My attitude toward spiritual things is heightened.  My interactions with people become more intentional.  Difficult situations seem manageable after spending time with God.  Why on earth would I settle for a VHS approach when God offers a better than Blu-Ray experience?  Besides, without clear focus, am I really making the right decisions, or do they only seem right to me?

As a side note, the first few days (and even a little bit now), I would get headaches as my eyeballs adjusted.  Even though they were seeing things rightly, it had been too long, and they would get overwhelmed.  I found this applied spiritually in a few ways, too.

1.  When Jesus told the disciples he had more to share with them than they could bear at that moment.  It makes a little bit more sense now.

2.  As a grown-up Christian, it's important to be sure that I'm actually acting from a correct perspective.  If I'm not in regular fellowship with God, each time He tries to discipline me or work in me, it'll be like starting from scratch instead of building on what He already began.  Reading the Bible should not be a dramatic vision shift every time.  My vision should already be aligning with God's due to discipline on my end.

3.  Sometimes reading my Bible and being convicted about having a correct view of things might result in a spiritual headache.  The discomfort is not necessarily always a bad thing---especially if the headache is caused by beginning to look at a situation properly.

There you have it.  Glasses.  They're not just an accessory.  Neither is the Bible or prayer.