Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tonight, a cockroach scurried from beneath my fridge to under my foot.  

The following is a TRUE story:

1.  I felt a tickle.
2.  I looked down.
3.  I saw Sr. Cucaracha.
4.  I screamed.
5.  I ran through the dining room, dropping my glass of ice on the way.*
6.  I headed straight to the bathroom.
7.  I scrubbed my foot intensely. 
8.  I had weird shivers down my spine for the remainder of the night.
9.  I also had a pleasant memory of a slight tickle on my foot - followed again by the shiver as I remembered WHAT had tickled me.  Ugh!

Overkill?  Maybe.  But I bet YOU would do the same thing if a cockroach tickled YOUR foot, so there.

*The glass of ice didn't break.  I was certain to be sure it landed on the carpet despite my haste.  Amazing. I know.

P.S.  Matt killed the little bugger for me.  It's over.  For now.  Till his friends and cousins come looking for him.  *Sigh


  1. Bleh!!! Most anything that "scurries" is not welcome in my home. Oh, I get a shiver just thinking about it...I think I'll go scrub my foot now.

  2. I am so glad for that PS - I was really concerned that the little sucker lived to tell the tale. I'm glad only one of you survived (and, of course, I'm glad that it was you).