Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How My Husband Inadvertently Made Me Cry

This is a truly tragic tale.  Brace yourselves.

There is a board game store here that my husband loves.  

A new location has been slated to open up just around the corner from our house (on a street he NEVER, EVER drives on).

Well, yesterday, I was driving by, and noticed it was open!

I immediately planned a super-secret surprise date night.  I instantly called Matt and invited him to a surprise family outing for Friday night.  My plans were to picnic at a park, read books to Emily at Books a Million, and then accidentally drive by the open board game store and maybe possibly end up going in and making Matt's week!

...until Saturday, when he is attending the Southern Pinball Festival where, for only $15, he can play unlimited pinball for free until midnight.

...hence, I wanted to make his week on Friday before he has the best day ever on Saturday.  It's going to be a good weekend for him.


This morning (not 24 hours after I invited him on the super secret date) during breakfast, he said, "guess what's open!"

And I knew that he knew.

On the slightest chance that my obsessed husband was talking about something else, I said, "hmm?  What?"


And I immediately stomped my foot and burst into tears.

True story.

The punk has apparently been trolling their website waiting for news.

I was so angry!  And sad!  And crying!

I curtly informed him that he was a horrible person, and that there was no way that he should have known that, and that we were possibly going to accidentally drive by there on our super-secret family outing on Friday (the one I had just invited him on yesterday), and that I was really excited to surprise him, but that he had ruined it.

He laughed at me.

We will still go, and I'm probably the coolest wife he has ever had, but I'm a little sad about this turn of events, and I think he was quite out of line to be stalking them to find out when they were open, when I have specifically been checking every time I drive by (it's on the way to Aldi), with the express intent of surprising him with heretofore-unbeknownst-to-him information.


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  1. I am terribly sorry for your tragic turn of events. I can thoroughly relate and I probably would have cried, as well (which is probably why we're friends).