Friday, January 6, 2012

My new hair

This post is part of my New Year's Resolutions Post (#8, to be exact)
I cut my own hair today.  

You should know that this hasn't worked so well for me in the past...especially during middle school. Around Labor Day.  Just before family friends arrived for their yearly visit.  Two years in a row.  
Not one.  Two.  Sigh.
Sorry to say I don't have a photo on hand to show you.  Trust me.  It was bad.  
I never could get my bangs straight, so I just kept cutting.  
And cutting.  And cuttingAnd cutting.

Moving right along...This was how my hair looked today before I cut it.  Not bad, but not much shape either.  And long.  Very, very long.  I wanted to keep most of the length, but add layers, re-cut bangs, and thin it out some.
I vaguely remembered my college roommate, Katie, said something once about cutting layers with a pony tail.  So...I scoured YouTube for tutorials.

This is my pony tail.  
Note the little hair band on the strand by my shoulder.  
That's where I marked the shortest layer before I put everything on top of my head.  
Wouldn't want a repeat 7th or 8th grade bangs incident, now would we?

I kind of felt like I Dream of Jeannie with my ponytail on my head.

To keep everything neat, I put a ponytail in place where my little marker had been before.


Well, that was fast...and easy.  Hmm...

I can't believe I just did this!  Hope it works. 

I took out the ponytail holder, and...

Not bad!  
The layers are a tad choppy, but since my hair is normally curly, it's not a huge deal.

I cut off this much for my shorter layers!

(Not pictured...I thinned out two handfuls of hair and added bangs back in.)
This is the picture I sent Matt.  
Try not to be jealous of my mad romantic skills.

Here's the finished, non-flirtatious product.  Not bad, huh?


  1. Gorgeous, my dear! I love how you did more research than I did when I asked Philip to cut my hair last year . . . a week before picture day with the extended fam. Unfortunately I had to shell out the money I'd been trying to save to have it professionally fixed. So I'm not sure I'd try it again, but you did much better than Philip. MUCH better.

  2. Definitely don't remember the pony tail advice... But I'm glad it worked for you! Looks good.

  3. Hmm. I don't know where I heard it then. I vaguely remembered standing in your kitchen and discussing ponytails and layering (as a possibility...not that you had done it). Oh well. Sorry 'bout that. :)

  4. Cutting your own hair was a daring act! Whew! I wish I have the courage to do that too. Anyway, it turned out good, and it even made you look younger! Congrats.

    -Tanisha Condit

  5. You’re brave to cut your own hair! Some people are afraid of cutting their own hair as there might go terribly wrong with it. The outcome with yours is great, though. The new hairstyle actually looks good on you, and it made your face look brighter. Congratulations!

    @ Stela Dimitrov